New Listing Statuses in the BETA’s RAPID List Program

Our new BETA tools, available to test since June 10, have received many comments. Of those, one of the topics we are seeing over and over again is about the new listing statuses. The new statuses will be used in both the new RAPID List (the new My Listings) product as well as for searching in Matrix. We thought it might be helpful to review the definitions for our old statuses as well as share information about the new ones.

Status Abbreviation Definition
Coming Soon * CS There is a valid listing contract between the seller and the listing broker, but the listing is not ready for market. The listing is in the MLS, but not on market.
Active A A valid listing contract exists and the seller has not accepted an offer. The listing is on market.
Contingent * AC An offer has been accepted and is contingent on fulfilling certain criteria within the purchase agreement. The listing is still on market. This status is generally used to indicate that the seller is looking for additional back-up offers, or that the property is subject to financing, court or other third party approval.
Pending * P An offer has been accepted and is expected to close. The seller is not accepting additional offers and the property is not on market.
Closed S The purchase agreement has been fulfilled or the lease agreement has been executed. These listings show a Close of Escrow date, or lease/rental starting date. The listing is considered sold and is not on market.
Expired E The listing contract has expired. The listing is not on market.
Canceled C The listing contract has been terminated in writing by broker and seller. The listing is not on market.
Withdrawn W A valid listing contract is in effect, but the lsiting is not being marketed. This status can be used to indicate that the seller requested withholding property showings and offers temporarily. T his listing is in the MLS, but not actively on market.

* Coming Soon, Contingent, and Pending are new statuses


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