CEO’s Message: Ready for New ADUs with Listing Management Field Changes

Jim Harrison: MLSListings Inc CEO and President

Jim Harrison
President and CEO, MLSListings

California’s real estate community has wrestled with both the lack of inventory available to show clients and how to list a property for sellers in a way that accurately represents the features and actual square footage of a home. A new state law may prove to be a market-changing solution for the industry. California now makes it easier to build small secondary residential units, called Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), on single-family properties. This opens up more accessible, affordable housing. MLSListings is ready.

First, the Rules on ADUs

Here are the things to keep in mind about ADUs:

  • May be attached or separated from main house; they can even be carved out of space inside the principal residence
  • May have full kitchens and bathrooms
  • Must have one parking space for every bedroom
  • May be up to 1,200 square feet
  • Does not require separate utility hookup from main house
  • May be rented but cannot be sold separately from main dwelling
  • Some city and county restrictions still apply; however, it should be much quicker and easier to obtain necessary

Click for more information on AB-2299 Land Use: Housing: 2nd Units.

Adapting the MLS

MLSListings anticipated the passage of the ADUs law, and incorporated the necessary changes to the Listing Management form fields as part of our year-long “Fields Update Project.”

Working directly with brokers and agents in each Association through the Super User and Review Groups (SURG), we embarked on a comprehensive field-by-field, option-by-option review of the Listing Management input form.

  • We’re bringing back some fields we removed (like stucco).
  • We’re adding some new fields that are relevant in today’s housing environment (like Smart Home features and a way to indicate information about an ADU).
  • We’re removing obsolete fields (like duplicates for disclosure docs).

The majority of the changes are to optional fields. However, due to an overwhelming number of requests, we are making Cross Street a new required field.

We’re targeting the first week in June to implement the changes. Watch for more information in your email and on the Pro portal.

Once the new fields launch, buyers will be able to search for ADU-type dwellings on and public portals.


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