CEO’s Message: The MLSListings Steps to Data Accuracy

Jim Harrison: MLSListings Inc CEO and President

Jim Harrison
President and CEO, MLSListings

The foundation of a home must be built accurately from the ground up.  An elaborate paint job on the outside and the latest Italian designer furniture on the inside, will never make up for a shaky foundation. The stability of a home is a great analogy for the steps we take to provide a steady foundation for real estate property listing data.

In an age where accurate and accessible data is at the foundation of the real estate industry, data integrity is a crucial MLS service.

I consider data management among our highest priorities of service, and we employ a variety of methods to maintaining clean and accurate property listing data.

It goes without saying that we are dependent upon the information entered into the system. If an agent doesn’t close the listing in the MLS, the data set isn’t complete. In the event data is not entered completely or accurately, we have built a few safeguards into the MLSListings platform:

  • We offer extensive training to brokers, agents, office managers and other subscribers to our system
  •  Customer support representatives review listing data for accuracy and correct status
  •  Compliance team members review data for adherence to business rules
  • Product management team members offer vendor supported tools reviews

Our system is also equipped with automatic checks and balances; key fields cannot be left blank and unusable data cannot be entered.

To further offer an accuracy nudge, text warnings and advisories are embedded directly into the listing management application.

As our teams scour every listing for rules violations, they also manually review key listing points, such as original list price and square footage. Without rules enforcement, compliance management, and fines, there would be less of an incentive for brokers and agents to give full attention to the close of listings or updates to a change in status.

This infrastructure ensures our data remains accurate, reliable and timely.  Otherwise it can’t serve its main purpose:  to inform sound decision-making and accurate trading in real estate.

We believe our steps to data accuracy provide valuable service to your business and create for you a solid foundation from which to grow your business.



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