Chairman’s Message: Getting into a Real Estate State of Mind

Quincy Virgilio: MLSListings Inc 2018 Chairman

Karl Lee
2019 Chairman, MLSListings

I’ve always been inspired by the quote, “Make a customer, not a sale.”


My career began in corporate finance. Our work involved managing funding sources, the capital structure of a corporation, allocating resources and increasing value to shareholders. I carry those skills into my client meetings today as a real estate professional.

As brokers and agents, we are entrusted with what is for most, the largest investments of their lifetimes; the buying and selling of real property. Even without a finance background, if we view our work as protecting the assets of our clients, advising them on how to use their resources and positioning them to build equity, we can turn a client into a customer not just a sale.

As we approach the buying and selling season, I encourage you to let our professionalism rule our sales pitches and methods of practice. Once we put the client first, our job becomes the trusted advisor. It’s in that role we build customer bonds and a lifetime of success.



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