Chairman’s Message: How Important is Marketing in a Hot Market?

Quincy Virgilio: MLSListings Inc 2018 Chairman

Quincy Virgilio
2018 Chairman, MLSListings

California’s real estate market has been an anomaly in comparison to the rest of the country, defying downward trends in pricing, sales, and other markers. And Silicon Valley is a market unto itself, with bidding frenzies for almost every new property that becomes available. It begins to beg the question of whether there is even a need to put marketing muscle behind a listing, particularly when it comes to staging a home and producing elaborate virtual tours.

There are obviously two sides to this debate, but when I’m asked if it’s important to apply the usual effort in promoting a client’s property, my response is a resounding “yes!”

In my opinion, by treating each listing with equal commitment, earnestness, and care, you reveal the type of agent or broker that you are and you demonstrate why a client makes the right decision in choosing you.

Every advantage you give to your seller is to your benefit as well as theirs. There are tremendous tools and technology that can make all the difference in how a home is marketed, as well as how it is received by potential buyers. For example:

  • Virtual staging enables you to “furnish” your listing with upscale furniture and accents at a fraction of the cost of actual staging; furniture can even be manipulated by the viewer so that buyers can better visualize how the home might suit them
  • Virtual tours allow potential buyers to “walk through” the home from the comfort of their couch or desktop, touring at their own pace
  • Drones can be used for shooting footage of expansive properties or those with outdoor features, such as pools, tennis courts, guest houses, or stables

As real estate professionals, I believe we owe it to our clients to provide a consistent standard of care and service, regardless of the market. What you do in marketing a listing provides insight to clients, as well as peers and referral sources, on what kind of professional you are and why you stand out in the market. It says everything about how you deliver a better experience to your buyers and sellers.

The key is to make sure you stay on top of emerging technologies and ahead of the consumer in order to keep them engaged. Research the latest real estate tools and marketing techniques that work. Be proactive in building your knowledge base and do what it takes to continually step up your game.

That’s my opinion. I’m interested in hearing yours. Please take 30 seconds to complete this quick poll:

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