Chairman’s Message: Is Your Listing Really Making a Good First Impression?

Quincy Virgilio: MLSListings Inc 2018 Chairman

Quincy Virgilio
2018 Chairman, MLSListings

You’ve landed a significant listing – perhaps the most lucrative in your career, or simply the first one after a bit of a drought – and the seller is pressuring you to get it sold quickly. You’ve got big plans to market the property but for now, you just want to get it up on the MLS. You’ve got all the pertinent details about the home, with a couple of photos so you get it uploaded right away.

There’s just one problem: you’ve ruined your first impression and it could cost you not only potential buyers, but also your relationship with your client. Too often, in a haste to get a property listed, agents and brokers are foregoing the normal marketing process and the listing they post is not the one that does the property justice.

Remember that when you post your listing to the MLS, it is shared with every public portal for real estate search, so you want to lead with your best foot forward. Statistics have shown that if there are fewer than 30 photos of a property, viewers move on. You can be assured that your client will also be checking online to see how their property listing appears, and they expect to see that their home is shown to its full advantage.

You are better off waiting a day or two and getting all your photos and videos produced, then uploading as many as the portal will allow. Remember, the first three days are when you have your best opportunity to wow a potential buyer. After that, they may not come back to the listing and it will quickly leave their mind.

It really comes down to a matter of professionalism. How you handle a client’s listing from start to finish – from how you bring it to market to how you close the transaction – will make the difference in the success of l your business. It doesn’t matter what your process is, if you have one and follow it meticulously. A tip: capture your process in a checklist and use it every time to ensure that you don’t overlook a step that can undermine your listing’s potential.


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