Chairman’s Message: Data is Our Currency

Quincy Virgilio: MLSListings Inc 2015 Chairman

Quincy Virgilio: MLSListings Inc 2016 Chairman

As real estate professionals, we understand that data is our lifeblood and it can be the most important advantage we offer in a world where information is readily available to potential clients. Public portals like Zillow and Trulia make it easy for buyers and sellers to access property information, get their questions about the process answered, and find resources for the do-it-yourselfer who wants to avoid using an agent or broker. However, these sites can’t do key things that a real estate professional can: understand what the client is looking for, provide timely and meaningful data to aid the client’s decision-making, and help them navigate the complex process in a smooth, seamless way.

The advantage really comes down to the ability you have to build personal relationships and become the trusted advisor to your clients. Data is our currency. The proprietary information we can access gives our clients a more robust picture of a market, a neighborhood, and a property than any consumer site can. More importantly, as knowledgeable professionals, our additional value add is that we are able to interpret the data in ways that are meaningful to our clients’ unique needs.

Unfortunately, many agents and brokers don’t take full advantage of the breadth of data available to them. Some don’t even know how to find it.

The MLSListings subscriber community is fortunate in that we have access to robust tools such as Realist, Homesnap Pro, Matrix, Find, and many others, that are free with the MLSListings subscription. Furthermore, MLSListings offers numerous instructor-led training courses that are designed to not only help us learn how to use the tools themselves, but how to actually set up our business to become more productive, faster.

Another incredibly powerful tool is NAR’s Realtor Property Resource, or RPR, which provides REALTORS with free access to a national database of property information including, listing information, tax assessment, and public record information such as notice of default, REO, foreclosure and pre-foreclosure data, liens, permits, school districts, market demographics, and more.

Getting smart about market search tools, using all the products MLSListings makes available to you, and taking advantage of the free training classes can be the key to building long-term relationships with your clients and getting those referrals. As someone they have worked with before and trust, you have the opportunity to position yourself as the best source of real estate information and advice. Data is your key to being able to provide market insights, regardless of geographic boundaries.


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