Connecting California: MLSListings Inc.

Connecting California is our version of, “keep your eyes on the prize.” This is the theme or mantra by which we have housed our decades of passionate advocacy for data access, removing traditional political barriers or borders for real estate professionals, regardless of their home MLS.

We pursue data access and front end of choice because it makes sense for brokerages. It is our belief that the MLS world must shift to build and support efficiencies for the professional lives and operations of brokerages. There is no greater hint than today’s age of access to inform us that requiring brokers and agents to “join” multiple MLSs to access data, is outdated.

Real estate remains local, the difference is that the definition of local has changed. For the Millennial client who changes jobs every two years, local might be all of California, Seattle and Portland. For the Baby Boomer ready to retire or semi-retire, local might include markets with more affordability than the greater Bay Area, but still within driving distance of the Bay. And to new parents, local could mean heading for the suburbs in search of larger yards and better schooling options. No matter how your clients define local, we can be sure they do not define it according to MLS boundaries.

Connecting California keeps our work focused on the commitment to ensure brokers and agents remain first source experts to their clients. Imagine a client moving or considering a second home; with full access to property data, you can send market comparisons and pricing insights to your client before referring them to another agent, or work with them yourself. The choice is yours.

The additional benefits of our efforts to connect California include the larger audience of real estate professionals and their clients who now see your listings; and listings from our data share relationships may even be the answer to our tight inventory for a few of your clients.

Currently, we have data share relationships with a half dozen MLSs around the state of California which amounts to connecting the property data of more than 100,000 real estate professionals. We also have localized reciprocal agreements with a few of our neighbors, and while they don’t offer full data access, it is a start.

As we continue to reach out to MLSs and associations around the state of California, we hope that you will share this mission with brokerages and volunteer leaders along your path. We believe this is the best way to elevate the practice of real estate and to get out of the way of brokerages’ full access to property data. We believe in Connecting California. Let’s do it, together.


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