Curated Streams: New on Cloud Streams


Now you can create a customized stream of listing alerts for your clients based on their specific needs and your recommendations with Curated Streams – a new feature on Cloud Streams and another free benefit for MLSListings subscribers.


As previously announced, MLSListings now offers Cloud MLX and Cloud Streams for free (a $70/month value) to our subscribers, as part of our ongoing commitment to providing a wide array of complimentary tools to help you succeed.

Cloud Streams was designed to give agents an easy way to share new listings with clients as soon as they hit the market. Because getting to new listings first is so important, Cloud Streams email and text alerts are delivered very quickly.

Historically, Cloud Streams alerts have always been sent out automatically — in real time, daily, weekly, or monthly. While this worked for many agents, there were also numerous requests to be able to see the homes before sending them to clients. These requests led to the newest Cloud Streams feature, Curated Streams.


With Curated Streams, you can now receive new listings first before sending them to a client. Then, in the listing details page, you can recommend a specific listing and even leave a comment for your client. It’s a very simple and seamless process.

The best part is, Curated Streams make you look even more attentive and privy to your client’s needs. Now, not only are your clients receiving extremely fast listing alerts, they also have a customized stream based on their criteria and your curation.

Curated Streams helps you go the extra mile for your client. It enables you to create a recommended stream, specific to your client’s needs, with the ability to send some words of positivity along the way – and solidify your reputation as their trusted advisor.

Watch this video for a quick tutorial on how to set up a Curated Stream.














If you have not done so already, you can get to Cloud MLX and Cloud Streams by logging in to and clicking on the “Cloud MLX” button on the left side.













In order to access Cloud MLX and Cloud Streams, you will need to activate your free account by entering your name and email address.












Once your free account is activated, you will be able to open Cloud MLX and Cloud Streams by clicking the respective “Launch” buttons.














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