Did You Know… Team Names are Guided by State Regulations?

That’s right. There’s more to a team name than how great it looks on business cards.

Team names can be advantageous for branding and marketing purposes; however, brokers must be sure that team names adhere to California Bureau of Real Estate, (CalBRE) regulations. When an agent makes a request to the MLS to establish a team account, that agent must first review the team name selection with his or her broker for approval. The broker should only approve the team name if indeed it meets the requirements of state law and the Cal BRE. You can view team name requirements here:

And FYI, MLSListings requires broker or office manager approval for team accounts. The MLS staff does not approve or reject team names, that is up to the broker. However, MLSListings staff will make team name corrections for brokers to align with the civil code.



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