Double Trouble – No Need to Enter Listings Twice

Are you entering your property listings in both MLSListings and East Bay MLSs, on the assumption that doing this will maximize your coverage? Wouldn’t the extra time it takes to enter your listing again on a second system be better spent in more fruitful endeavors, such as marketing your business or following up with potential clients?

What if we told you that there is a way to avoid this redundant effort and save yourself valuable time?

The answer is to enter your listings through MLSListings’ Listing Management tool – because listings entered via the Listing Management tool will automatically appear in both the Matrix and East Bay’s Paragon search tools.














As the old saying goes, “Time is Money”, and it couldn’t be truer in the real estate industry.

Give yourself the gift of precious time by utilizing the Listing Management tool to enter your listings.

For a refresher on using the Listing Management tool, watch this video.




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