Helpful MLSListings Features During the Coronavirus

MLSListings realizes the coronavirus outbreak is raising anxiety and tension levels for everyone, including real estate sellers and buyers, not to mention brokers and agents.

We would like to remind our subscribers that MLSListings has numerous helpful features which should be beneficial to you and your clients during this time:

  • Withdrawn Status Change: If a seller wishes to temporarily take a property off-market, agents can change the listing status from “Active” to “Withdrawn.” This indicates the client is still under contract but not actively marketing the property. Days on Market (DOM) will STOP.

Then, if/when the listing is made “Active” again, upon agent notification we will (as an exception) change the Back On Market indicator in Matrix to “New” as a courtesy for listings changed to “Withdrawn” after March 1, 2020.

Listing Hot Sheets, email alerts, and other indicators will tag the listing as “New.” This temporary rule change may help re-energize activity when the market picks up again.

Note: DOM will NOT reset to zero, and downstream services like Redfin and Zillow will generally keep calculating “days on site”, which is their practice.

We encourage agents to ensure all change elements are approved by their client in writing and explained in detail. Agents may also consider discussing extensions to the agreements, so they do not expire in “Withdrawn” status, which may create additional confusion.

  • More MLSListings Features to Win Client Confidence: Assuming your county will allow showing traffic, the following changes will sharply narrow the amount of exposure to the property but give complete traffic control to your seller-client and to you as their agent:
    Change the listing distribution to “No Internet”. This change will remove the property from the Internet, including Zillow, and it will remain visible only to other agents who can share with their buyer clients.
    Remove the lockbox and change showing instructions to “By Appointment Only” and “Contact Agent.” Report any showing violations to our Compliance team.
    Cancel tours and open houses at any time.

As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or need help, the MLSListings support team is available to assist you. Contact us here.




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