Matrix Update – 6/17/2020

CoreLogic recently installed an update (8.4.7) on our Matrix system. Here are some of the more prominent new features which may be of interest to MLSListings subscribers:


Map Utilizes Full Width of Browser

The map in the search results screen now extends the full width of the browser.













Modernized Email Layout

A more modern-looking and mobile-friendly email layout, including more prominent links to the Client Portal and a more user-friendly unsubscribe link.




















New Search Results Button Bar and Paging Controls

The action tools at the bottom of Results pages have been updated to a more modern look, and the paging controls at the bottom of Results pages are now larger and easier to click.







New Icons Throughout Search Module

New and larger map drawing tool icons have been added, and many icons elsewhere in the Search and Input modules have been updated for a cleaner appearance. Additionally, the per-field Help icon on search and input forms has been moved to the right of each field.









Sort Order Indicators Added to Search Result Headers

Single-line search results now display arrows in the column headers to indicate the sort order.

  • The weight of the arrow (bold, semi-bold, or not bold) indicates the field’s sort priority (primary, secondary, or tertiary).
  • A down arrow indicates an alphabetical sort / smallest value first.
  • An up arrow indicates a reverse-alphabetical sort / largest value first.

In the example below, the search results are first sorted by Type (alphabetical), then by Status (reverse-alphabetical), and then by Price (smallest value first).












View the full Matrix 8.4.7 Release Notes to see all of the enhancements that have been applied to our system. **Note that some items in the Release Notes do not apply to MLSListings – such as INRIX, map location warning, and “Select All” for status search control.




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