Matrix Update: Concierge, Hit Counters Available June 8

On June 6, we conducted an enhancement release in the Matrix application to introduce two important new features that will further help agents customize their service to clients, and increase efficiency. These are ready for general availability on Wednesday, June 8 following final live testing.

Concierge Mode: Further Customizing the Auto-Email Feature

Matrix offers agents a variety of ways to distribute listings to their clients, such as Auto Email. However, a one-size-fits-all approach rarely applies, even with the specifications that Auto Email offers.

The ‘Concierge’ feature goes one step further — allowing agents to view and approve listings prior to emails being sent.

Concierge mode is enabled during the creation of an auto-email, as indicated above. It can also be accessed via My Matrix/ AutoEmail/ Settings.

After being notified of new matches, agents can approve or decline listings that meet each client’s unique search criteria.

The concierge style of email is a proven tool in offering agents greater control over distribution of listing data, ultimately producing results with a greater degree of client interest.

Hit Counters: Tracking Exposure to Your Listing in Matrix
The Matrix Client Portal is one of its key value differentiators: agents can provide their clients with a customized environment in which to save searches, view listings and communicate directly with their agent, while simultaneously providing agents a way to track a client’s activity in the system, and further customize their service to that clients’ most recent preferences and interests.

Matrix’s ‘Hit Counters’ functionality allows listing agents to track the activity their listings receive through any Matrix portal used in the system—not just the data from their own clients’ portals, but how many times any client or any agent has viewed a particular listing inside his or her own portal.

Every click or visit in a client portal is a data point available to the listing agent. Statistics such as the number of times the agent’s listing has been included in an auto email to any client, or added to Favorites, Possibilities and Discarded, are all made available.

Matrix counts a ‘hit’ based on multiple activities:

  • In concierge mode, when the listing is approved by an agent and sent to a client portal
  • In auto email mode, when the listing is included in search results sent to a client
  • When the listing is actually viewed in the portal by a client
  • Whenever a client takes an “action” on the listing (such as marking it as a favorite, or a discard)

While many syndication systems offer statistics on listing exposure, the power of Hit Counters is that it provides feedback on activity throughout the entire Matrix auto-email and client portal system – feedback that can be invaluable, whether positive or negative. For example, listing agents who experience a high rate of ‘discard’ might use that feedback to experiment with different marketing language, or additional photos, to increase interest.

While the Hit Counters feature does not provide contact details for agents or clients who have saved or rejected a given listing, it can provide a sense of how active home seekers are receiving the listing.

Note: Hit Counters reflects activity within MLSListings’ Matrix application only, not visibility that may be captured by other syndication sites. All hit counters will start at ‘zero’ views on the launch date. Additionally, it should not be expected that initial data reflects activity among all 18,000 subscribers. As adoption of Matrix in general, and in particular auto email and concierge mode, increases over the next several months, users can expect that Hit Counter data will increase as well, over time.


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