May Market Minute Videos Ready to View

Doom and gloom, or glimmers of hope? Watch Mark Messimer and Michelle Ronco as they review the SIP’s impact on the real estate data and trends for the five MLSListings counties in the Silicon Valley and coastal regions in this month’s Market Minute videos.


Santa Clara County

There were six cities in Santa Clara County that had a higher median price of at least 5% year-over-year (YOY), and three cities with a positive YOY sale-to-list price ratio. Can you guess which cities those were?

Additionally, new listings were down by about 34% in Santa Clara County. How many properties is that, and how does it compare to 2018?

For the answers, watch the Santa Clara County Market Minute video.


San Mateo County

In April, there were as many cities in San Mateo County with positive median price gains over the same time last year than had depreciation over the last year. How did individual cities fare?

Plus, three cities in San Mateo County had a YOY increase in properties sold in April by at least 10%. Which cities were those?

Take a look at the San Mateo County Market Minute video to find out.


Santa Cruz County

There were three cities in Santa Cruz County that increased in median price YOY – all three by at least 10%. They weren’t all inland or coastal, it was a mix. Which cities saw April 2020 gains?

Also, despite the pandemic, the price in Santa Cruz County increased for single family homes, topping April 2019 as well as March 2020 prices. What was the price in April?

Find the answers in the Santa Cruz County Market Minute video.


Monterey County

After a February all-time high price peak for single family homes in Monterey County, the median price has decreased by about 5%. What is the current median price for single family homes in Monterey county?

Additionally, there were 13 cities with year-over-year median sale price increases in Monterey County. Three cities were up over 50%. Which cities saw big gains?

Learn the answers by check outing this month’s Monterey County Market Minute video.


San Benito County

In San Benito County, median prices continued to rise for single family homes in April. Besting any median sale price last year, 2020 continues to show increases in San Benito County.

And looking specifically at Hollister, new listings of single-family homes were half of what they were at the same time last year (but there were new builds and SIP to consider).

What does this all mean for the market? Find out in the San Benito County Market Minute video.


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