MLSListings’ 3 Free Offer Just Got Better – Email-Ready Reports from Aculist

Agents looking for professional real estate data to share with clients have an exciting new solution in forwardable email reports.

In addition to over 20 PDF single-page reports, you can now request up-to-date trends and stats via email-friendly reports. With the content in the body of the email, these engaging reports present information to your clients as soon as they open the email.

Aculist’s popular single-page PDFs are great for open house handouts, displays and client meetings. However, from casual buyers to serious sellers, email-based content increases visibility. Simply forward eye-catching market data, including price trends or recently sold homes, with just a couple clicks.

Request a report today. Select an active listing in Matrix and click on the Aculist link under the map on the Agent Full page. Pick your favorite report and it will be personalized and emailed to you in ten minutes or less.

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