MLSListings ALERT: Potential PG&E Power Shut-off

As PG&E continues its Public Safety Power Shut Off in 34 counties and various cities, MLSListings is taking steps to minimize service interruptions, as best we can.  The MLSListings office is in the potential outage area (as are many of our employees). In the event of a power outage at our office, we will strive to keep call center and corporate functions operating for as long as possible on battery backup. After that time, the following production functions will be affected by a total shutdown:

  • Links to PDF Forms, New subscribers, Office change form, and Training signups
  • Tour reports for brokers and associations

The following subscriber services will not be affected by a power outage: PRO, LM, RETS, Aculist BI Reports, Connect,, Matrix, Paragon, Realist, and the ability to create/search for listings. However, access to MLSListings services will be limited by internet availability, as some internet providers may not provide services during a power outage.

We suggest that you check to see if your home/business will be affected by visiting the PG&E outage map and to get safety information at the PG&E Safety and Alert Center. You may want to take precautions for backup power, food, and other necessary items, and also strongly consider backing up your computer data at this time.




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