MLSListings and MLS-Touch Now Offer Mobile Edit Features

Your tools at your fingertips, no matter where you are!

Mobile edit is one of the most-desired functions by brokers and agents for mobile applications. Now, MLS-Touch brings the ability to edit Public Remarks, Private Remarks, and List Price to your mobile devices.

MLSListings and MLS-Touch offer a new level of features for work in the field.

Here’s how it works!

  1. Find your listing on MLS-Touch
  2. Click on the “Listing Edit” icon
  3. Choose the pencil icon for the field you want to edit
  4. Save when you are done




















More New Features

An Updated Listing Page

Listing tools have a new convenient home, called the Options Bar. You can find it right under the rooms/bathroom icons.  As you scroll to the right, you can access all MLS-Touch tools.

Other changes to the listing page include updated icons to allow subscribers to communicate easier with listing agents, a larger photo preview screen and quicker load times when it comes to accessing the listing section itself.


The new calculator tool automatically gives you a 10% down payment at 10% with fees, taxes and other calculations.  You can offer fast answers to clients who want to know their monthly costs. You can also customize the criteria used in the calculator.

Brand & Share (iOS only)

These updated color schemes help you brand your business to clients. Each color model uses the colors red, green and blue in various shades/tones, to reproduce a wide array of colors.


iPad Version Updated

The updated look for iPad opens in search mode so you can quickly get down to business. You will see what is available around your current location, and you can filter the search by clicking Filter, at the top right of the screen.

The iPad version includes alternative searching methods in the More section that can be found at the bottom right side of the screen.

Social Media Update

The My Listings feature has been removed from Facebook because it is no longer available in the Facebook API.


Mobile: MLS-Touch Webinar Classes Added for July

“Mobilize” Your Business with MLS-Touch with New Mobile Edit Features!

This hands-on workshop will help you get started with MLS-Touch and introduce the new mobile features: the ability to edit Public Remarks, Private Remarks, and List Price, using your mobile devices. Two new Mobile: MLS-Touch webinars have been added this month:

Click on the links above to register and learn more about the new mobile: MLS-Touch edit features!


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