MLSListings and The MLS New Data Share in Full Swing

MLSListings Inc. and The MLS™ recently announced that data sharing for their more than 32,000 combined subscribers and members is in full swing, providing real estate professionals in California’s most populated areas real-time access to property listings, market statistics, and products that benefit brokers, agents, buyers, and sellers.

Over 32,000 real estate professionals and countless numbers of buyers and sellers will now see property information from California’s major real estate markets – spanning Silicon Valley, coastal regions, Downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood, Venice, Beverly Hills, Los Feliz, Malibu, Pasadena, California Desert, High Desert, Southwest Los Angeles, and more.

MLSListings has been an integral part of efforts to promote data share agreements in Northern California. The MLS™ was one of the early participants in the Southern California regional data share CARETS (California Real Estate Technology Services, Inc.).

This data share combines the best of both. MLSListings and The MLS™ share listing data directly, allowing real estate professionals of each multiple listing service to access the other’s data regardless of its system of origin. A single point of entry means a subscriber’s listing gets automatically distributed to all data share partners at the same time. Both real estate professionals and customers benefit. A wider lens of real estate property information across the state is desired by brokerages and makes sense for buyers and sellers.

MLSListings subscribers can access The MLS™ by logging in to the Pro website and clicking on “The MLS” button on the left channel.








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