MLSListings Live Today @1 pm: “Sneak Peek at Next Week”

Keep a step ahead! Join us TODAY at 1:00 pm for MLSListings Live and get a preview of two exciting new features we will be releasing next week:

  1. Create Your Own Login: We’re extending Easy Login to allow you to create your own login at the same that that you secure your account and make it more convenient to login to the Pro Portal.
  2. Pro Support Community: Our new support site hub and self-serve knowledge base will enable you to get answers to your questions and find the content you’re searching for. After a brief overview, we’ll play a “Stump the Knowledge Base” game, where you can win a gift card if you ask a question the support site can’t answer.









Click the following link TODAY at 1 pm to join the webcast:

Come early. Seating is limited.



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