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Sometimes it feels like it’s open season on open houses. A growing number of California cities and towns are implementing increasingly restrictive ordinances limiting (or even outright banning) the use of open house signs on public property.

It’s gotten to the point where several REALTOR® associations, including the Santa Clara County Association of REALTORS® and the Silicon Valley Association of REALTORS®, now offer guidelines online detailing local sign ordinances and regulations.

Because our subscribers requested more prominent open house marketing opportunities, MLSListings is now making it easier for you to promote – and consumers to find – your open house listings on our public website,

New Top Navigation

The most significant enhancement is the addition of a new “Open House” tab to the top navigation. This will make it faster and easier for consumers to quickly find and access open house information whenever they visit the website (which, on average, gets over 1.2 million page views every month).











Note that if a user has not yet run a search on, by default when they click on “Open House” they will see listings with open houses in San Jose. They can then use the property search bar to find open house listings for other search criteria (e.g., city, zip code, school district, etc.).

Conversely, if a user previously ran a search, then they will see open house listings for that particular search area (and again, can use the property search bar to modify their open house search criteria).

Page Title and Location Breadcrumb

When a user clicks on “Open House” in the top navigation area, they will be taken to an Open House search results page. The page title will be clearly labeled to indicate the results are for “Open Houses”, as will the site location breadcrumb. Both of these treatments will affirm to users that they are on an Open House search results page.













Directions on Mobile Phone

Finally, an existing feature that is particularly helpful for consumers when they are on the road looking for an open house is the “Directions’ button, which consumers can access when viewing the Property Details page on their mobile device. Clicking on the “Directions” button will open the device’s default map application and display the driving directions to the open house property.


















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