New: Free, Self-Service Multi-Class Listings

Multi-Class listings allow certain properties to be listed under more than one property classification or type. Some properties can have multiple uses or fall under multiple classes, and you may want to list these properties under another property type for additional exposure to different target audiences.

For example, you may have a listing where the house burned down. You can either sell it as a house (and target consumers and contractors) or you can sell it as land (and target developers). With Multi-Class Listings, you can easily do both.


With the previous process, an agent would enter the main class in the MLSListings system and then call our support center and ask to multi-class it.  Our support team would manually enter the second listing and charge $50 per occurrence.

The main problem with this process, aside from the cost, was an increased opportunity for errors.


MLSListings recognized the issue with the old process and developed a solution to address it.

With the new process, you would enter a listing as you normally do and enter a main (primary) class in the system. You would then go in and select “Add Listing” and click on “Add Multi-Class.”








Listings that qualify to be multi-classed will be displayed. (Note: Mobile homes, rental properties and commercial properties will not be allowed to multi-class and only Active listings will be available.)















Follow the numbered steps to:

1)    Select the Address of the listing that you want to multi-class

2)    Select the Class (for the second listing)

3)    Select the Sub-Class (for the second listing)

4)    Select your Photo Option (include pictures by clicking the checkbox)

5)    Click the “OK” button to finalize

For a detailed explanation of how to enter a Multi-Class listing, watch the following video here.

For a list of frequently asked questions, click here.




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