New Listing Fields for Electric Vehicles & 3D/Drone Virtual Tours

Executive Summary

In response to subscriber requests, MLSListings added a set of new fields to our Listing Management application, specifically to accommodate properties with electric vehicle hookups and 3D/Drone virtual tours.

Electric Vehicle Hookup

Agents now have the ability to select a field if the property being listed comes with a hookup for charging electric vehicles. There are two levels available as options:

  • Level 1 or 120-volt: A standard household power outlet that can handle a conventional three-prong plug. Most homes, condos, and townhouses will have this.
  • Level 2 or 240-volt: Supplies 240V charging and typically requires installation of a power unit by an electrician or specialist.













3D & Drone Virtual Tours

Agents can now also insert URLs for properties offering 3D virtual tours and Drone virtual tours.













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