New Virtual Open House Enhancements on

In our ongoing effort to help our subscribers and home buyers/sellers navigate through these challenging times, we’ve made several updates to make it easier for users to find and search for listings with virtual open house information.

Virtual Open House Search Filter

Visitors to our public website can now easily find only listings with virtual open house info by utilizing a new “Virtual Open House” search filter (check box) in the property search “More Filters” overlay.









This new search filter is available for both the “Buy” and “Rent” property search.

Virtual Open House Indication Bar in Property Cards

Moreover, we added a prominent purple “Virtual Open House” indication bar to property cards with virtual open house info. This includes property cards on the home page, Search Results List/Map View page, Map Search, Favorites, and the “Current Listings” tab in the Agent Profile page.











Upcoming Virtual Open Houses Section on Property Details Page

Finally, now when a listing includes virtual open house info on the Property Details page, a new “Upcoming Virtual Open Houses” section will display under the existing “Upcoming Open Houses” section in the “Property Details” box.






















Dynamic Display of Agent Production Information

Separately, in response to requests from several subscribers, with our latest release we now hide the “No current listings or recent transactions reported for this agent” message on the Agent Profile page.

Specifically, for subscribers with neither “Current Listings” nor “Recent Transactions,” the entire “Properties” section will be hidden on.














And for subscribers without either “Current Listings” or “Recent Transactions,” the corresponding tab will be hidden on their Agent Profile page.

















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