November Market Minute Videos – Watch Now

Mark Messimer, MLSListings Director of Professional Development, and Michelle Ronco, Aculist Senior Product Marketing Manager, return with their monthly Market Minute videos.

In these videos, Mark and Michelle discuss the latest real estate data and trends for the five MLSListings counties in Silicon Valley and the coastal regions.


Santa Clara County

Santa Clara County has seen an annual September-to-October bounce back in median price, going back to 2014. This year, however, there was a small decrease, breaking the five-year streak.

Numerous cities in the county experienced negative year-over-year median price changes, some more significantly than others. Which cities had price drops, and which 4 cities went in the opposite direction and actually saw substantial annual gains?

Check out the Santa Clara County Market Minute video for the answer.


San Mateo County

The operative word for San Mateo County this month is “balance.” When looking at the highs and lows for different key factors, seemingly for every city that saw a positive gain, another one retreated.

The median price for the county was nominally down 1% year-over-year, but comparing October versus September, there was a huge bounce back with a significant increase which returned the county to June/July levels.

How did balance affect individual cities in San Mateo County in terms of median price, inventory, days on market, and percent of list price received?

Watch the San Mateo County Market Minute video to find out.


Santa Cruz County

The median price in Santa Cruz County was down slightly year-over-year, but not by a lot. Importantly, the county is keeping pace with 2017 (which was a very good year) and is significantly up over 2014-16.

MLSListings Partner Economist, Elliot Eisenberg, PhD., noted that “prices have generally been more stable here than in other areas in the region.”

Was there a September-to-October bounce back in media price for Santa Cruz County?

Find out by watching the Santa Cruz County Market Minute video.


Monterey County

Monterey County has the distinction of being the only MLSListings county with a median sales price that is up year-over-year. In fact, Elliot Eisenberg said that “median sales prices are up for the first time this year and at a new record high.”

He continued to say that “generally, Monterey has seen steady, mild price appreciation over the last few years.”

Did that positive trend translate to other key factors in Monterey County, including homes sold, inventory, and days on market?

Take a look at the Monterey County Market Minute video to learn the answer.


San Benito County

San Benito County summed up in one word: “consistent.”

That’s according to the Aculist team, noting that the county median price is marginally down year-over-year, continuing a trend that has been ongoing for the last three months. The September-to-October bounce back returned again, for the fifth year in a row.

Elliot Eisenberg added that, “prices seem to have peaked out at the end of 2018 or early 2019, now they are down just a touch and it would not be surprising if prices continue to decline slightly going forward; they may gotten slightly ahead of themselves.”

For more insights, tune in to the San Benito County Market Minute video.




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