Paragon Update Enhances Collaboration Center, Driving Directions

Paragon recently released a product update (5.68), which included enhancements to its Collaboration Center and the integration of Google Maps with its Driving Directions. MLSListings worked with Paragon to make this release as seamless and simple for you as possible.


Paragon’s Collaboration Center was a primary focus for this release. As the name implies, the Collaboration Center enables real estate agents and their clients to collaborate online in real-time. This user-friendly portal not only helps agents effectively manage their business, but also strengthens their relationships with both buyers and sellers.

The 5.68 release incorporates several improvements that make the Collaboration Center easier to set up and use.

  • Automatic URL Creation: 5.68 removes the URL setup process for Collaboration Center. Instead of having to manually create a URL, the URL will now be automatically created when first starting Collaboration Center. If you are already using Collaboration Center, nothing will change.
  • Copy Link Functionality: There is a new “Copy Link” button that will copy the sharing URL directly to your clipboard, eliminating the need to copy and paste manually.







  • Contact Activity Widget: The Contact Activity Widget is designed to capture and increase access to all of the data that the Collaboration Center generates. You can see the recent activity of your contacts, their reactions and comments to listings, recent searches, and seller activity.












Paragon’s Driving Directions are now integrated with Google Maps to save time and add convenience. The dialog will redirect you to Google Maps via a new browser tab. Once you are in Google, the map is interactive, and you can take advantage of all the features offered by Google Maps. Additionally, if you click “Print +”, the map is enlarged and listings on the map show step-by-step directions.













Click here to view the Paragon-produced video highlighting its 5.68 release.



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