Rules Temporarily Relaxed During Shelter-in-Place

With the statewide shelter-in-place order in place, the health and well-being of our subscribers and the general community are of utmost importance. Given this, the MLSListings Compliance department is temporarily relaxing the following rules:

  • Public Remarks: We are allowing the use of cooperative URLs (web addresses) in the Public Remarks. For instance, agents may place URLs in the Public Remarks for virtual tours and events such as Facebook Live, but are not allowed to place non-cooperative URLs such as their IDX or business/personal websites.
  • Showing Requirement: We are not enforcing the requirement that all Active listings must be shown within 3 days of listing.
  • No Marketing While Withdrawn: We are not imposing penalties for advertising a property for sale while it is in Withdrawn status.
  • 1 Photo in 1 Day: We are suspending the rule that a photo must be uploaded to a new listing within one day after the list date. Courtesy notices are automatically sent, but fines will not be enforced.

Additionally, depending on the violation and on a case-by-case basis, we will still issue a courtesy notice but will not necessarily fine an agent. Egregious or harmful violations (e.g., offensive or inappropriate language or images, or copyright violations such as using another person’s photograph without permission) will still be enforced, however.




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