Security Upgrade, Simpler Login Arriving Soon

As an MLSListings subscriber, we value your success as well as your privacy. As such, we will be launching a new security upgrade to our Pro site over the next several weeks which will further bolster our existing, highly secure system while providing you with a simpler login process.

You will have two choices for converting to the new security system, both of which are one-time upgrades which will take less than five minutes.

The first option, Easy Login, is actually available to you right now. With Easy Login, you can sign into the Pro website using your existing Facebook or Google account. Once you set up your account with Easy Login, you will never need to enter a username or password again. You can learn how to easily switch to this new system by clicking here.











If you’d rather wait, or don’t have a Google or Facebook account, in the next few weeks we will offer another login option where you can create your own, customized username and password (or keep your DRE #, if you prefer). Please keep your eye out for it.

Whether you upgrade now with Easy Login, or later with our alternative  method, our hope is for all subscribers to convert to this new, simpler system by the end of June. Whichever option you decide to use, we look forward to providing you with a simpler and more secure login procedure.


MLSListings Live Recording Now Available

In case you weren’t able to join us live last week – or if you want to watch it again – the recording of last Thursday’s episode of MLSListings Live is now available on our YouTube channel here:



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