Virtual Open House Feature Now Available

With California’s shelter-in-place (SIP) order making traditional open houses not only impractical but effectively illegal (aside from extremely narrow exceptions), virtual open houses are becoming an increasingly necessary instrument in every agent’s toolkit. As such, virtual open houses are now available in our Listing Management application.

Virtual Open House in Listing Management

1. The “Action” field of an Active Listing will now have an option for agents to select “Virtual Open House.”









2. When “Virtual Open House” is selected, the agent is taken to a “Manage Virtual Open House” page. Here, they will enter the date, the start and end time, and the URL/link. There is also a Remarks section, where along with a description of the house agents can provide information such as a registration URL/link and password.















3. Once the agent clicks the “Submit” button, the listing will appear in a new, dedicated Virtual Open House section.



















4. If the agent clicks on “Virtual Open House”, they are taken to that section, where they can Manage or Edit Remarks to their virtual open house listing.





5. Here is an example of how your virtual open house information will be displayed in your listing.








For a step-by-step demonstration of how to enter a virtual open house in the Listing Management application, watch this video.











What is the Difference Between a Virtual Open House and a Virtual Tour?

A virtual tour can be a set of pictures or videos of a subject property. Typically, there is background music and sometimes the agent will speak briefly during the presentation. It is not a real-time event being presented by a person.

A virtual open house is a live, guided tour of and from the subject property, presented by a person. It can be conducted through web conference tools such as Facebook Live, Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, YouTube Live, GoToMeeting, or GoToWebinar, just to name a few, and can be captured through a variety of camera options.

If you record the virtual open house for later use, when you post it for on-demand viewing it then becomes a virtual tour.

As a reminder, MLSListings recently introduced a number of virtual tour enhancements for agents and consumers, which you can review by reading this article.




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