We’ve Remodeled! Listing Management Fields Improvements Are Here

In response to feedback from the MLSListings Subscriber Community and in an effort to continue providing the cleanest data possible, MLSListings has been taking an eagle eye to the Listing Management (LM) listing entry form. For the past year, we’ve been working with the Super User and Review Groups (SURG) from every Association to deliver the most streamlined, intuitive listing entry experience possible. The brokers and agents that make up each SURG kept us honest and made sure each change made sense in today’s business environment. The LM form changes will mainly impact listing agents. You’ll notice that we’ve removed a bunch of legacy, redundant fields and organized the remaining fields in a more logical grouping. We’ve also added many new fields.

As part of this project, we’ve also rewritten every tip for every line to be more relevant and useful.

The new LM form is now live. You will notice a user experience … that will remain largely unchanged! The LM form (both on Pro and hardcopy) will look and function exactly the same. MLSL_LM_Fields

For single-family homes, there will only be one new required field: Cross Street!

For mobile homes, there will only be five new required fields:

  1. HCD Decal Number
  2. Model Year
  3. Section 1 Serial Number
  4. Space Number
  5. Special Listing Conditions

If you’d like to see the full list of field changes:

For the updated listing forms, please visit the MLSListings Forms site.


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