MLSListings Introduces Aculist, “Your Numbers Nerd”

Data is a critical piece of your real estate success. Information is power and being the market expert will separate you from your peers. We understand that time is a precious resource and that you want to spend it selling, not downloading data, sorting information, and tediously crafting charts and graphs to present to clients and prospects.


We are pleased to formally introduce our in-house startup, Aculist – the ultimate in real estate analytics. We created Aculist by working directly with brokers and SURG (Super User and Review Groups) to better serve you. With the most up-to-date data tools for creating simple and effective reports and a team of engineers working alongside agents and brokers, “Your Numbers Nerd” was born.

Now, everyone in the MLSListings Subscriber Community can get three Aculist Market Trend and Stat Reports each month — for free!

Aculist Market Trend and Stat Reports, one of the core Aculist products, are completely branded and presentation-ready, easily accessible, and delivered to you via email, saving you time and increasing your visibility. “Your Numbers Nerd,” aka Aculist, does the “fancy figuring” for you so you can focus on other essential parts of your business.

What is a Numbers Nerd?

Think of it like this: you have your lender, stager, landscaper, photographer, and handyman. How do you get the most up-to-date market stats and trends? You are likely finding time to do it yourself or worse, not doing it at all. Not anymore. Think of Aculist as “Your Numbers Nerd.” You now have someone on your team to slice-and-dice the market.

“Your Numbers Nerd” will send you reports with the most up-to-date view of the market, including charts, graphs, and text-based explanations of what you’re seeing. You can use these reports to stay connected with your clients, at open houses, in listing presentations, for lead gen, and even as a CMA supplement. You will be delighted to have the most up-to-date, professional reports at your fingertips. 

Start Getting Your Free Reports Today

As part of your MLSListings subscription, you can get your 3 Free reports each month.

  1. Log in to Matrix and select any active listing
  2. On the agent full display, you will see a link that says, “Subscriber Benefit – Market Trends & Stat Reports 3 Free”
  3. Click that link to go to a page where you can choose from 10 unique reports, branded ,and with different styles and geographic options

Are you focusing on a particular area, zip code, even school district? We have a solution. Standard and Premium reports with comprehensive data that will appeal to even your most difficult client. See samples and decide for yourself which ones work for you. Emailed to you in five minutes or less, there is no reason to wait. Get started now by searching in Matrix.

Nerd with Us

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