June 2012: Some Reminders About Online Payments

Early this summer, MLSListings upgraded our billing system. We have been monitoring the system very closely, and are happy to let you know that it is stable and working very well. We have had reports from subscribers that it is a smoother process that is much easier to use.

A major system change like this is not without its bumps in the road, and we ask that if you hear of any items that you please forward it to our attention by sending a note to We have several items that we have encountered and are working on fixing very quickly.

To make the online enrollment process easier and to utilize our new billing system, we have a few housekeeping items to bring to the attention of Association staff as well as subscribers:

  • Credit Card Security Code: It now is very important to remember to include the credit card security code to process the payment. We prefer that subscribers planning to pay by credit card use our online enrollment process. This gives the subscriber control over entering their credit card information in a safe, secure way. We also have updated the “MLSListings Schedule of Fees” PDF form to reflect this new piece of information. The new form can be found on our Portal in the Rules & Forms section.

    For most credit cards, the security code is a three digit number found on the back of the card. For American Express cards, the security code is a four digit number located on the front of the card above the account number.

  • Open Invoice for Check Payments: If subscribers give their Association a check for MLSListings subscription, we will turn on service after receiving an electronic copy of the check.  However, we will continue to show an open invoice in the account under “Pay My Bill” until the physical check is received and processed by MLSListings. There may be a small lag time in reconciling the open invoice on “Pay My Bill,” depending on how quickly the mail is delivered.


As always, please send us any comments you have by emailing Thank you for your continued support of MLSListings.



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