Are You Ready for New My Listings?

The New My Listings will be available to you the morning of Tues., Dec. 9. When you click on My Listings from next Tuesday, you will experience the latest in listing management technology.

We have built a new system from the ground up based on feedback from you over the past several years. The features and functions you requested through emails, calls to customer support, comments on articles, in-person meetings and more, included the following:

  1. When My Listings was first created smartphones, tablets and other technologies that you use today did not exist.
  2. You are looking for easier ways to market your personal brand within the online consumer real estate community.
  3. Expanding expertise and relevance into statewide and national marketplaces is a must to assist with your client’s relocation and investment needs.
  4. Viewing and listing from a singular tool to accommodate the need for speed in today’s market.

We have a complete guide to the changes in My Listings available. The most major is the overall look and feel.

Additionally you will find features allowing you to:

  1. Add a new listing from any device, desktop computer, tablet and mobile phone.
  2. Get tips about the fields while in the application.
  3. Upload photos up to 10MB from any device, desktop computer, tablet and mobile phone.
  4. Add and manage exclusions electronically.
  5. Add and manage Coming Soon listings. (More about this soon.)
  6. Add a Comp only listing.
  7. Add and manage Open Houses.
  8. Add and manage Tour info for your listings.

Get the guide for a full list of updates to Matrix and My Listings

You can expect changes to happen on the following days:

Nov. 13 – Dec. 8, 2014 Verification Period. Use this time to verify that your information is correct in new Matrix.
Dec. 9, 2014 New Matrix becomes your primary system. Old Matrix will be available for verification only.
Dec. 9, 2014 New My Listings comes online and becomes primary system to manage listings.
Jan. 31, 2015 Old Matrix is retired.

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