From the Desk of Jim Harrison

Jim Harrison: MLSListings Inc CEO & President

Jim Harrison: MLSListings Inc CEO & President

To All of Our Participating Brokers,

On behalf of the entire MLSListings’ team I want to extend our most sincere apology for the operational issues that presented themselves during our recent conversion. Please know that we understand the critical importance of a stable and dependable MLS system and that we have always taken great pride in providing each of your unique firms with the best system in the country. Professionally and technologically, we are embarrassed by the number of challenges our MLS community has faced over the past two weeks.

We understand that disruptions in our system cause business disruptions in your firms, professional disruptions regarding your agents and personal disruptions with respect to your clients. We want you to know that not only has our team been working 24/7 to resolve these issues, but that we have also taken significant organizational steps to do everything possible to ensure that such an event will not occur again.

We are organized to meet this challenge.

All calls and emails to our customer support and compliance teams are immediately documented and forwarded to the individuals responsible for the reported issues in our engineering, product management, training and communications departments. Where resolution is possible, it is done immediately. While we hope that each such interaction results in a quick fix we also recognize that the sophistication of contemporary MLS technologies sometimes requires a more complex resolution and we have dedicated teams continuously working on those issues. We know that MLS issues can be very personal and will continue to work one-on-one with brokers and agents to help by phone, in-person and online via chat, email and our online Suggestion Box.

Moving Forward

MLS conversions universally represent the single greatest challenge for all MLS operations. As you have learned through introducing new technologies in your firms, there is no such thing as a painless conversion.

Unfortunately, not all solutions are universal, and in most cases the MLS is not the sole source of the required technologies. Many of the issues surfacing now could be detected once the new technology configuration was in use. We have understood this from the beginning. That is why we chose this time of the market year to launch these products. We analyzed new listing cycles over several years, and determined that the end of the year would have the least activity. We understood the absolute need to avoid the high-activity season and thus choose the end of the year.

We are learning a number of great lessons from these events.

Every process is an opportunity to learn, and the launches of these products were no different. We have learned several lessons that are expanding our already extensive experience in MLS operations:

  • We need to spend even more time fine-tuning our conversion process.
  • Some products require more extensive pre conversion testing than previously thought.
  • We need to adjust our process to seek more broker and agent “on the street” feedback and then we need to be sure that we incorporate all of that feedback into the process.
  • What is universal is the need to constantly improve internal and external communication.

As indicated above we have already and will continue to make the necessary changes to do everything possible to ensure that this situation does not happen again. I look forward to sharing these management decisions and actions with you as we move forward.

Please continue to send us your feedback, it is critically important and we are listening very carefully. You can reach us by calling 1-866-734-5787, by emailing, or by leaving a comment in the Suggestion Box. The Suggestion Box can be reached from links in Matrix and My Listings.

Thank you for your patience, your patronage and most importantly, our continuing professional relationship.

Yours Truly,

Jim Harrison, RCE, CAE
President and CEO
MLSListings Inc


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