June 2012 – A Note from the CEO

James Harrison

As business owners yourselves, you understand like few others that the volatility of today’s economic climate demands that businesses take steps to maintain stability in the present and simultaneously make prudent choices when planning for the future. There always must be a balance between being conservative and taking risks to achieve forward progress, even in the toughest of business environments MLSListings has strived to be successful in striking that balance, taking the approach of being “progressive, proactive and highly productive.” It’s a mantra we repeat often and endeavor to live each day. Have we been successful? To answer this question, we took a look back at the last five years in our organization, and assessed our efforts against these criteria. In the coming weeks, we will share an Executive Summary Report that chronicles the evolution of MLSListings from a utilitarian vendor to a business solutions provider and partner with its subscribers.

This report reviews our organization on a number of fronts:

  • Leadership vision and strategic execution across six key areas
  • Business processes and ability to adapt and add value
  • Internal and external challenges, as well as our response to them, and lessons learned
  • Customer satisfaction, including survey responses

What emerged from this assessment is that unlike many businesses that suffered diminishing quality and customer service resulting from a down economy, MLSListings has managed to remain innovative and adaptable, enabling the organization to stay current with market needs, deliver exclusive opportunities and new products and services, as well as provide the critical information and data infrastructure relied on by more than 15,000 subscribers in northern California. The secret has been our ability to do more with less.

Many of you have had a front row seat in observing our growth and development over the past five years. For you this review captures that evolution in one document. For others who are relatively new to the MLSListings organization, this report provides greater insight into where we have come from and where we intend to go. We are excited to share this Executive Summary Report with you and welcome your comments, so watch your inbox in the coming weeks for this important email.

Just as agents and brokers are the lifeblood of the real estate industry, the multiple listing service is the livelihood and conduit through which business takes place. We take our responsibility to you, our subscribers, as seriously as you take the fiduciary duty to your clients. Our partnership with our brokers and agents, and our continued success, is only possible through your cooperation and collaboration. Thank you for the support you have given us these last five years and we look forward to what the years ahead hold for our industry.


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  1. Hi Jim,
    I am enjoying the new look and seem to be keeping up with it faily well. I hope others are doing well with the changes. You all are a dynamic bunch, working hard to beat out any competition. It shows! Good Luck, try and take it easy, okay?
    Best Wishes Always,
    Doree Hyland

  2. Michael Singh says:

    Mr Harrison,

    How about an app to link our listing to our Facebook page so when a client goes to my Facebook page all they have to do is click to see my listings as they appear on MLSlistings?


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