Four Days til New Matrix

As you know on Thurs., Nov. 13 the new Matrix will be officially available. At that time we encourage you to begin using it as your primary system. Get the Transition Checklist today!

Two Items to Note:

  1. Don’t activate your auto-emails in the new Matrix until the morning of Nov. 13.
  2. Any saved searches created in old Matrix after Noon on Nov. 12 will not be moved to new Matrix on the morning of Nov. 13.

On Thursday morning you will notice some changes to the Pro Homepage. Notably new buttons to take you to the new Matrix.

You can expect changes to happen on the following days:

Nov. 13, 2104 New Matrix officially available.
Nov. 13 – Dec. 8, 2014 Verification Period. Use this time to verify that your information is correct in new Matrix.
Dec. 9, 2014 New Matrix becomes your primary system. Old Matrix will be available for verification only.
Dec. 9, 2014 New My Listings comes online and becomes primary system to manage listings.
Jan. 31, 2015 Old Matrix is retired.

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