New Matrix Available Today

Today is the day that Matrix is ready for you to begin using as your primary system. We hope you will take the next three weeks to verify your information and get moved over. It’s important to move over by Dec. 9 when old Matrix stops receiving live data.

Last night we worked with Matrix to move over saved searches, auto-emails and contacts. We made every effort to ensure a smooth transition to the new Matrix, but there still are several items for you to review.

Our transition checklist will help you be sure you get everything adjusted to your liking. Here’s the list for your reference.

Adjust layout of dashboard.
Create/enter Market Watch Info.
Create/add hot sheet information.
Create/add favorite searches.
Create/add statistics.
My Matrix Section
Update contact information.
Create/add a new header and mobile header.
Create/add a new email signature.
Create/add client portal greeting.
Create/add client portal information.
Create/add CMA cover sheet
Confirm all of your contacts were moved over to new Matrix.
Create/add any contacts that might have been missed.
Confirm your saved searches were moved to new Matrix.
Create/add your custom displays.
Create/add your custom exports.
Add your speed bar shortcuts.
Create/add your CMA reports.
Enable new Matrix saved searches/auto emails.
Notify your clients that in order to continue receiving information, they should accept the new invitation.
Disable auto-email searches in old Matrix.

Get the guide for a full list of updates to Matrix and My Listings

You can expect changes to happen on the following days:

Nov. 13, 2104 New Matrix officially available.
Nov. 13 – Dec. 8, 2014 Verification Period. Use this time to verify that your information is correct in new Matrix.
Dec. 9, 2014 New Matrix becomes your primary system. Old Matrix will be available for verification only.
Dec. 9, 2014 New My Listings comes online and becomes primary system to manage listings.
Jan. 31, 2015 Old Matrix is retired.

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