Recent fixes for New Matrix and Listing Management!

New Extended Date Action

New feature to extend dates is now available! An option has been added that provides you with an extended date function for pending and contingent listings. You can now extend the dates of COE and expiration dates for listings in pending or contingent status.

Listing Management Tips

Subscribers now have full access to Listing Management tips which offer guidance as you manage your listings.

Coming Soon Properties

Please note a new Coming Soon button on the Pro Homepage. You now can easily access the new Coming Soon feature for your listings which some have already taken advantage of.

Access to Nevada County Association of REALTORS®

As an MLSListings subscriber, you now have Single Sign-On access to Nevada County Association of REALTORS®

City Names

Just because the post office doesn’t recognize a city, no longer means you can’t use it for your clients! We’ve fixed that!

What is called, “Postal Aliases,” now exist in the new Listing Management.

We heard from many brokers and agents that in real estate a city is more than the name given by the post office, it aligns with schools and other services in which clients have preferences.

You can now choose those non-postal names for your listings, as long as the name is recognized by the US Postal Service as an alternative acceptable city. Some city aliases, such as Alviso or Del Rey Oaks, will be recognized, while others will soon be added to our system.

Please Be Advised

There is a red banner at the top of your Matrix dashboard that lets you know if you are in the new or old system. We are all creatures of habit, so you may not have noticed. Please check the banner for the New Matrix before beginning your work!

Photo Ordering

Many of you noticed that your new photos were not appearing as the most recent. We’ve fixed that. Now your new photos will show up at the top of your listing, the most recent and relevant.

The best part is that you don’t have to do anything differently. Upload a photo and it will order itself!

Your Name, Your Listings

We heard loud and clear that some of you had a problem with your names showing up next to your listings. We went back to the vendor on that and now, your first name will be matched to your last name and appear next to your listings each time.

Property History in Matrix

Property History inside of Matrix Agent Property Reports is causing issues for some of you with the new Matrix system. At times, Property History will not show all of a property’s history. There is a solution. When this occurs, the records can be manually corrected between our engineering team and Matrix. Please let us know if you are experiencing this issue, which is happening within a small subset of listings. Please be advised, this is not something that can be automatically found and fixed on our end without your help.

We will continue to post updates to the New Matrix and Listing Management systems. Please be sure to contact us with any issues you are experiencing at

We appreciate your patience in this system upgrade.


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