Among the many benefits of membership with MLSListings, Inc. is the option for free listing syndication to third-party sites. MLS-sourced data is the most reliable and accurate available to the market, and helps provide a level of confidence for data on a particular listing regardless of the site on which it appears. Brokers may opt-in to syndicate listings to any of our several syndication partners via the Broker Center in the website. Our syndication partners are required to identify MLSListings as the origin of the data, as well as adhere to data refresh standards and other obligations.

Syndication updates


MLSListings is an active participant in Trulia’s Direct Reference program, helping to improve the accuracy of data in the marketplace by providing actual MLS information for back-end comparison against¬† Trulia’s information. Through the program, Trulia alerts its listing brokers to discrepancies so they can be quickly addressed.

Beginning mid-March 2012, brokers can opt-in to syndicate listings directly to Trulia through MLSListings, helping to further improve accuracy and reliability of information. No listings will be syndicated without broker permission.

You must opt in to enable this feature in the Broker Center at Click here for the FAQ’s.



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