Extended System Maintenance FAQ

MLSListings is underway with a major initiative to enhance our Production System infrastructure to meet subscriber services today and in the future, while reducing operational costs. This involves many stages which will impact production system uptime in the coming months. We appreciate your patience as our Staff work through the night on the following maintenance dates:

  • Wednesday 3/21 from 11pm – 6am limited service
  • Wednesday 3/28 Photo Updates Delay between 4pm – 6am; no downtime
  • Saturday 3/31 Partial Photo Updates Delay from 8am – 8am Monday 4/2; no downtime
  • Mid-April IP Address Move heads up; no downtime
  • Saturday 5/5 from 8pm – 8am limited service
  • These times are estimated; specific dates and times may be adjusted and announced in Pro and Matrix Alerts

Below please find more information about specific service levels you can expect during the “limited service” maintenance windows.

Why will the system be intermittent for this long?

MLSListings strives for the highest level of production system performance and availability for an organization our size. This system infrastructure initiative involves moving large blocks of data and photos from older systems to newer systems, moving our physical system operations from one data center facility to another facility, upgrading network services, and working through the many details involved with this phased migration.

At the end of this process, our subscribers will continue to reap the benefits of accurate, reliable, and trusted data — on new systems, served from expanded network bandwidth, offering greater redundancy and faster service, at no increase in overall operational costs. We appreciate your patience in the coming months prior to reaching this desired destination.

What service levels can I expect during the planned system downtimes on 3/21 and 5/5?

When we announce an Extended System Maintenance, our philosophy is to provide as much service as is possible to subscribers while accomplishing migration goals. As such, generally Login, Pro Homepage, and Access to Matrix will be restored as quickly as possible within 2-3 hours from maintenance start time, so that subscribers see these services as if by a typical maintenance window. In addition, Public Website and MLSSource Mobile Applications will not be affected, so users can continue accessing public and mobile data.

Please plan for all other services to be down (data frozen) during the entire maintenance window, including Listing Management, Pay My Bills, CA Edition, and Subscriber Portal. Even once system access is restored, please expect that some changes may take longer to process for a period of time. For example, processing photo updates throughout our many systems may take a little longer than the listing data or property history data.

What to expect with the 3/28 Photo Updates Delay?

MLSListings is upgrading our Photo Servers from 4pm Wed 3/28 to 4am Thurs 3/29. There is no downtime during the maintenance window — Subscribers can access all services, including Listing Management – only newly added or changed photos will be impacted. Users can manage and edit listing data and photos; however, photo updates will not flow over to Matrix, CA Edition, IDX Vendors, or 3rd party products until the end of the maintenance window.

What to expect with the 3/31 Partial Photo Updates Delay?

MLSListings is upgrading another part of our Photo Servers from 8am Saturday 3/31 to 8am Monday 4/2. There is no downtime during the maintenance window — subscribers can access all services.  The maintenance window only impacts newly added or edited photos from reaching CA Edition, MLS Source, and other IDX vendors or third party products that use our V4 Aggregated Data Services — new photo updates will not be visible until the end of the maintenance window. (Note: This maintenance does not impact Matrix.)

What happens with the Mid-April IP Address move?

The IP Address move will happen over an evening the week of 4/16-20. Most users will not notice a difference. Where you will notice a difference is at offices that have shared computers that are left on for weeks at a time, or for users who leave their computers on overnight for several weeks. In these instances, after the IP Address change occurs, users may see a “Site Not Found” error message when they try to access // If this happens, simply reboot your computer. This reinitiates any previously cached networking settings so that you’ll find the new settings for Pro.

Again, thank you for your patience. Should you have additional questions or concerns, please feel free to Contact Us.


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