Matrix 5.7 Q1 Configuration Note

MLSListings, Inc. is pleased to release the following configuration changes to Matrix Version 5.7 in Q1 2012. Please check back on this post for additional projects as they become available.

$/sqft in Custom Display & Custom Export released on 2/27

By user request, “price per sqft” is now available as a displayable and exportable column. This field is calculated and stored by the system for all listings that have a listed/sold price and a building square footage value. Cases where either price or square footage are withheld, then $/sqft would also not be available. All listings show list price per sqft, except Sold listings show sale price per sqft. Users may select this field for inclusion in their Custom Displays or Custom Exports from My Matrix > Settings.

Along with this addition, MLSListings has tweaked a few field names in Custom Display, Custom Export, and Advanced Search for better readability. For example, “Additional Owner” is now “Owner – Additional” so that this field is grouped with other Owner related fields; “Closing Sale Price” is now simply “Sale Price”; and “Type of Occupant” is now “Occupant Type” to group with other Occupant related fields. Finally, “MLS Number” has been added back to Advanced Search for Residential and Cross Property search screens. This is primarily to accommodate the user scenario for adding Comparables to the CMA tool by MLS Number.

Zip Code boundary layer released on 3/5

Users have the additional option to use Zip Code boundaries as a reference under Map Search and Map Results. In the map, on the upper right hand corner, select Layers > ZIP Code.

Matrix CMA Changes released on 3/8

The Matrix CMA Wizard and Report has been updated. Enhancements include:

  • Eliminated Headers, Footers, and graphical outlines so that users have the option to use their own letter heads for professional personalization.
  • Reworked Cover Page for better readability and simplicity.
  • Updated core fields used in comparables and adjustments to: Fireplace, Garage, Cooling, Pool.
  • Added Partial Baths, fixed Adjusted Lot Size (Sqft), and replaced MLS Cities with Postal Cities.
  • Added Median Price calculations to Chart of Prices.
  • Removed Brief Summary section, which was a duplicate with Summary List, and parts of the Pro Report section.
  • Removed three static pages: Effect of Over Pricing (duplicate), Sources of Buyers, My Guarantee To You.

TIP: Previously created CMAs retain the pages selected from your last edit. For pages that have been removed as part of this enhancement, users will see a header/footer from the previous design. For users who wish to reuse/edit a previous CMA, we ask that you remove those pages/sections with headers from your workflow (under Pages), as these pages are now obsolete.

Access to BuildFax permit records released on 3/19

  • BuildFax offers access to property permit record reports.
  • BuildFax is available to MLSListings subscribers at a substantial discount (see Pro Homepage > Store for more information).
  • There is a quick access link from the Agent Full display (see Agent Full > Documents and Disclosures > See BuildFax link) to help users who subscribe to this service reach the property records.

Please check back on this post for additional projects planned for March.


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