MLSListings Data Use Policy


The purpose of this Data Use Policy is to state MLSListings’ full authority to manage and protect the MLS Compilation. It defines the circumstances under which MLS subscribers may use listings belonging to other brokers, and how and when MLS Content may be licensed to third parties. The Data Use Policy does not supersede the MLS Rules. The Data Use Policy is intended to expand upon the content of the MLS Rules, to define additional terms, and to interpret rules regarding the use of MLS Content and the MLS Compiliation.

1.5.1. Methods of Access.

This policy covers all methods of access to MLS data, including MLS products (e.g., MLSListings’ websites, HomeWorks, or any other method of searching and viewing the MLS data), direct database access (e.g., via RETS or FTP files, or other direct access as may be provided), or any other method of accessing the MLS data, whether authorized or unauthorized (e.g., hacking, scraping, or using the credentials of an authorized user).

1.5.2. Not in Scope.

This policy does not govern Participants’ use of their own listings, nor does it address individual subscriber violations, which are covered by the MLS Rules, the Terms of Service, and the Subscriber/Participant Membership Agreements. Please refer to these documents for additional information.

Download MLSListings’ Data Use Policy


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