IDX Logos and Usage Guidelines

This page provides a simplified summary of the official Internet Data Exchange logo use policy and license. To the extent that the terms of the Data Use Policy differ from those in this summary, the official policy governs.


  • MLSListings Inc. is the owner of the Logo.
  • IDX Participants may use the IDX icon/logo (the “Logo”). The Logo policy only controls the use of the IDX logo (not real estate firm logos, etc.).
  • You have to be an MLS subscriber and a IDX Participant to use the Logo.
  • You can’t modify the Logo without MLSListings permission.
  • You have to show MLSListings how you’re using the Logo, if we ask.
  • You have to be doing business legally and in compliance with MLSListings Rules to use the Logo.
  • If you stop being a IDX Participant or an MLS subscriber, or if we tell you you’re violating this policy, you must immediately stop using the Logo.
  • If you are no longer authorized to use the Logo, MLSListings can require that you recall and destroy any materials on which the Logo appears.
  • You cannot adopt another logo for yourself that’s confusingly similar to the Logo. (If you want to know what “confusingly similar” is, talk to your lawyer.) If we must go to court to enforce this policy, you agree to pay all reasonable costs and legal fees.
  • If we’re sued because of your use of the Logo, you are required to reimburse us for defense costs and damages.


 MLSListings_idx_50px MLSListings_idx_75px
PNG Image 50 x 30 pixels Transparent background PNG Image 75 x 44 pixels Transparent background


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