Adobe Flash Player

If you see the above image when attempting to Sign In, this means that the Flash Player is either not installed or is not working as intended. The simplest way to resolve Flash Player issues is to re-install the program. It’s important to make sure that you uninstall any existing copies of Flash Player before installing. Please follow the instructions on this page to get Flash Player installed properly.

Click here to visit Adobe’s Alternate Downloads page for Flash Player.

Follow these steps to remove Adobe Flash Player from your system.

  1. Click the link above to visit Adobe’s Alternate Downloads page.
  2. Determine your Operating System (Windows or Mac?) and Browser, then click the relevant Flash Player Uninstaller link.
  3. Click Run (IE) or Save to Desktop (Firefox)
  4. Please read the prompts that appear, and choose the options to Run/Install.
  5. Follow the steps in provided by the uninstaller program.

After Flash Player has been uninstalled, follow these steps to install the program. The instructions provided below are the same across all browsers and Operating Systems. Please check your browser version first.

  1. Click the link above. This will take you to Adobe’s download page for Flash Player.
  2. Adobe may offer to also install additional software (McAffe, Chrome, etc). This software is not necessary, for Flash Player. Please uncheck the box to decline the installation of additional software.
  3. Click the yellow Download Now button.
  4. Follow the steps provided by Adobe to download and run the Flash Player program.
  5. If you followed the steps correctly, an Adobe window will appear on your screen, and it will download and install the software for you.  Please be patient, as this process may take a few moments.
  6. Once the process is complete, you’re all set!  Click Finish to close the installer.

Once the installation has completed, restart your Browser, and attempt to sign on again like you normally would.

If you are still having trouble signing in, consider changing your Flash Player Settings to match our recommended settings for Flash Player. Please click here to visit our Recommended Flash Player Settings post.

If you need more help with Flash Player, you can call us for support at 408-874-0200.

You can also refer to Adobe’s Flash Player Help and Support page for more information.

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