Broker Tour FAQ

How do I put my listing on Tour?

  1. On your My Listings page, click Select an Action and select Property Tour.
  2. Choose the Tour Sponsor from the drop down menu. Some Associations have different requirements for their Tours. Then select the Tour Name.
  3. Select the appropriate Tour Date.
  4. You can then enter in Tour Remarks, though it is not required.
  5. Click Submit to save your changes.

What are the Association’s requirements for being on Tour?

The Associations may have different requirements for how and when they want you to enter in the Tour Information. This is all available on their Tour Sheet. Please refer to our Tour Sheets by Association page, or contact your Tour Association.

When is the deadline for my Tour?

Normally the deadline is 12 noon on the day prior to the Tour Date. Some Tours may have a different deadline. The Associations list their policies and procedures on their Tour Sheets. You can find this information on our Tour Sheets by Association page.

How do I check to see if I made the deadline?

When you add a Tour to your listing, the information is sent over to the Associations at their designated deadline. To ensure that your listing will be on Tour, make plans to have your Tour entered in well before the deadline. You can call us during our normal operating hours to inquire about your Tour deadline.

Please note that if your listing or Tour Information was not submitted before the deadline, then you will not make the Tour. There are no exceptions. To accommodate for Holidays, some deadlines may be extended. Please check the Tour Sheet for your Association.

My Tour has an Original Tour Date that I did not put in, and this prevents me from going on my first Tour this month. What are my options?

This situation can happen if you input a Tour Date onto a draft, decide to wait before submitting the draft, then submit the draft without updating your Tour 1 or Tour 2 Date. This causes an Original Tour Date to be generated. When Associations receive this information, it will appear as if the listing has already been on Tour based on the Original Tour Date.

Please ensure that your Listing Information is correct before submitting a draft to avoid this situation!

We can change the Original Tour Date for you if you contact us before the Tour deadline. It must be the first Tour for the property, otherwise we cannot make a change because the property has already been on Tour. You have to wait until the next scheduled Tour if the deadline has passed.

Some Associations allow you to make it onto the Tour even after missing their deadline.  Contact Information for our local Associations can be found on the Association Contact List.

Santa Cruz County Association of REALTORS (SCCAR)

You can contact SCCAR to enter your listing on Tour if given a reasonable amount of time (before 2pm).

Pajaro Valley Association of REALTORS (PVAOR)

PVAOR can add your listing to their Tour Sheet by Wednesday 3PM. Please contact them directly if you have missed their deadline.

Santa Clara County Association of REALTORS (SCCAOR)

SCCAOR pulls Tours in Areas 12, 13 and 14 at a later time than the deadline. The computer deadline for these areas is Tuedays at 12 noon, however the Tour Information isn’t received until 2PM. You can make corrections until about 1:40PM and may still make it on Tour. For all other Areas covered by SCCAOR, please contact their Tour Captain. This information is available on SCCAOR’s Tour Sheet.

San Benito County Association of REALTORS (SBCAOR)

SBCAOR does not receive Tour Information from our system. Please contact them directly to inquire about Tours in this county.

For all other Associations, the deadline has been missed and nothing further can be done. You may still be able to attend the Tour and announce your listing there. Otherwise, you will have to wait until the next scheduled Tour Date. Again, to avoid this situation from happening, spend a few minutes going over your Listing Information before submitting a draft.

I was unable to meet the Tour deadline because your system was having problems. What can I do?

If this happens, we will contact the Associations to let them know that we are having issues. They will then receive the Tour information at a later time, when the system is back to normal.

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