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If you are having trouble signing on and would like to create a new password, please use the Forgot Password link. This will take you through a process to create a new password. Please read the instructions that are provided to you during this process, as it contains important information that will help you with your new password.

Upon clicking the Forgot Password link, you will be taken to a page asking for your DRE#. Please enter your User ID (DRE#, Assistant# or Appraiser#), then click Next to continue to your security questions.

The next screen will ask you to answer your 3 security questions. Please answer all 3 security questions to advance to the next step. The answers are not case sensitive and you must answer all 3 questions correctly, including any spaces or special characters, in order to continue.

If you are unable to answer your security questions, please contact our Customer Service department for assistance.

If you have answered correctly, the screen below will appear for a short time. Read this screen carefully and follow the instructions provided. After a 10 second countdown, the process will continue on its own; to speed it up, click the link that says ‘clicking here’. Please be patient during this time, otherwise you will have to start the process over if the window is closed before completion.

The next screen will ask you to enter your User ID, the temporary password that was emailed to you, and your a new password of your own choosing twice. Please complete all the fields, then click Next to continue.

The final screen is a confirmation page to show your new password. Please take note as needed, then click MLSListings Pro to return to logging in.

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