Multi-Class Listings

Multi-class Listings allows certain properties to be listed under more than one property classification or type. Some properties can have multiple uses and so can fall under multiple classes, and you may want to list such properties under another property type for additional exposure.

Since listings are APN and address based, once listed, a property may not be listed again while the APN is on market. For a minimal payment of $50.00, MLS Listings Support will be able to enter a listing on behalf of the listing agent. Simply follow the steps below when requesting a Multi-Class listing:

  1. Enter your listing in the primary class or best fit property type onto the MLS Listings database and obtain an Active MLS Number (listing number).

  2. Enter the listing information for the second class as a draft. Be sure to follow the instructions below regard which classes can be multi-classed together.

  3. Once the draft has been entered and clear of errors, verify the listing.

  4. An error message will appear saying that “An on-market listing exists for this address. Please contact customer service for assistance” and it will not allow the listing to be submitted.

  5. Call MLSListings to provide payment.

  6. Once MLSListings has received payment, MLSListings staff will submit the listing and a new MLS# will be assigned.

Active MLS Listings Classes

Classes your listings can be Multi-Class

Single Family Residential Multi-Family
Commercial Lots and Land
Commercial Industrial
Residential Lots and Land Only if plans or permits are available and the SFR listing price is for completed home.
Commercial Lease Residential Rental listings can be listed by you without requesting the Multi-Class.

The following list of MLS classes do not fall under Multi-Class Listings

  • Residential SFR and Townhouse/Condo combinations are not allowed.
  • Mobile cannot be multi-classed because there are no comparable classes.
  • Business Opportunity is not considered a Multi-Class listing.

To check to see if your Multi-Class Listing has been added, go to your My Listings page, and you should see more than one listing for the same property.

Once your property is listed under your chosen Multi-Class, you can edit both listings and make the changes normally. Please note that making a change on one listing does not automatically update the other listing. You have to make the same change to each listing.

Status changes will also affect the listings. If you have accepted an offer, please make sure that you change the Status on the correct Class listing. When the property sells, cancel the marketing class and report the sale on the primary class. Do not report both listings as Sold.

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