Working with Documents on DocCentral

As you upload documents onto DocCentral, you will see them appear on your Document Center page. Depending on how you uploaded your document, it may take some time for it to appear inside your Document Center.

Working with Documents

DocCentral allows you several options for working with your documents. These options will be discussed on this page.


Use this option to email your selected documents directly from DocCentral. When selecting the Email option, DocCentral takes you to the email page.

You will see your selected documents listed near the top of the Email Document section. Enter your email recipients, separated by a comma. Enter in a Subject for your message. Enter in your Message, up to 500 characters long. Click Send to complete the process and send out your email.


DocCentral also allows you to Fax your documents out directly from your computer. This option is useful if you need to quickly send your documents out, but don’t have a physical Fax machine available.

You will see your selected documents near the top of this section. A Cover Sheet will be created for your Fax, based on the information you’ve entered on this page. You can enter up to 5 Recipients, each with different Fax Numbers. The Cover Sheet will be adjusted to display the correct Recipient’s name. If you would like to include a message with your Fax, use the Compose Message section. Please note that this message will be sent to all recipients.


If you have multiple files set up in DocCentral, and you want to Move or Copy documents between files, use this option. This is useful if you have similar listings and want to Copy a document across your listings. Also, if you have mistakenly uploaded your document to the wrong listing, you can Move the document to the correct listing using this option.

If you want to rename your document, use the Rename To field. You can also provide a new Document Title and Description. Use the Select File drop-down menu to select the file or listing that will receive your document.


The Print option will take your selected documents, and send them to your Printer. A Print window will appear that you can use to change your print settings and to confirm that you want to Print. This window should look familiar to you, as it is the same window that comes up everytime you want to print on your computer. This window may appear different across different computers. Simply confirm that you want to Print (usually by clicking OK), and DocCentral will print out the documents.


The Remove option will remove your selected documents from your file or listing. Use this option if you want to delete unwanted documents.


The Rename option will allow you to re-name your document. When working with many different documents, sometimes a mistake can occur in naming your document. If you ever run into this situation, you can use the Rename option to make a correction.

For more help on how to upload documents, please visit our Access and Upload Documents on DocCentral page.

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