Manage SA Profile

The Manage SA Profile page allows you to make changes to your Strong Authentication settings.  This page contains the security information that you have provided to protect your account.  Use this page to revise your security Questions and Answers (Q&A), or update your Cell Phone Information (OTP).

Manage SA Profile is located on your My Info page.  Click on the Manage SA Profile link to access the settings inside.

This is more or less what you will see on your Manage SA Profile page.  The page is very simple, and there are instructions throughout the page to help you out.

Update Cell Phone Information

The phone number that you enter into this section is used for your One-Time Password (OTP).  If you ever forget your password, and you need to sign in, you can use the OTP to send you a temporary password as a text message to your Cell Phone.  Typically, the text is received moments after making a request for a One-Time Password.

When entering your Cell Phone number into this field, please enter the numbers only.  Do not include any dashes, spaces or other characters.

Update Q&A Information

At some point in the past, you had set up a set of security questions to protect your account.  You may want to update the questions or answers in case you’ve forgotten the answers, or maybe you just want to make the answer easier to remember.

Use this section to revise your Q&A.  You can change the questions if you don’t like one that you’ve chosen.  If you decide to revise an answer, please note that the asterisks do not indicate the length of your current answer.  They are there to protect the answer from being viewed by others.  Also, when revising the answers, please take the time to re-answer all 4 of the security questions.  This is to ensure that your answer isn’t registered as a bunch of asterisks.

When you are finished, click Submit at the bottom of the page to save your changes.  Your SA Profile will update immediately.

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