Realist FAQ

How does Realist receive their data?

Realist receives their data from the County electronically. The Counties that do not provide it electronically will send the data to Realist, and Realist will manually key in the data and documents.  The County, in turn, receives their data from Financial Companies.

Where does Realist obtain foreclosure data?

Realist obtains data from these sources:

  1. County Recorder
  2. County Court
  3. Local newspapers

Realist may not always have data for every stage of foreclosure in every county. Since Realist cannot always obtain notice that a foreclosure has moved to a subsequent stage, Realist automatically releases the property after waiting a number of days. The number of days for California is 180.

Why is the Sale Price not showing on a property that I know has sold?

It could be that the Grant Deed was filed as “Filor requests do not record stamp value”. This would mean that the Sale Price was not recorded, and will not show.  It could also be the Transfer Tax has been masked, which could also cause the Sale Price to not show.

How is the Sale Price calculated on Realist?

The Sale Price is calculated based on the Documentary Transfer Tax, which is usually shown on the Grand Deed.

What’s the difference between a Bank Owned flag and a Bank Owned Sale flag?

Bank Owned means that the property has been foreclosed and is currently owned by the Bank, but has not sold. Bank Owned Sale indicates that it was foreclosed and the Bank has sold it to a new homeowner or investor.

When I run a search for properties in an Auction stage, why do some show flags and some do not?

Some of the properties are still considered in an Auction stage; however the Auction Date has already passed. You can try narrowing your search down to include Auction Dates going forward and you should only see those with that date going forward.

If I run a search and find properties with a past Auction Date, what happens to those properties after that date?

If proper paperwork has not been filed, we will not know.  Many circumstances could cause cancellation of the Home Auction, with no public notice of its cancellation filed. Such circumstances could include re-negotiating terms with the foreclosing lender/servicer, or selling the home

What triggers a Pre-Foreclosure status?

When a Notice of Default is filed.  That’s when the Borrower/Trustor has become delinquent.

How often are the Flood Maps updated on the site?

The Flood Maps should be as current as what is displayed on FEMA’s website. Depending on the area, Flood Maps, in general, do not get updated very often.  This is because they are not expected to change much, if at all.

What does the Settle Date refer to?

The Settle Date refers to the date the document was signed.

What does the Recording Date refer to?

The Recording Date is the date the document was officially recorded at the County.

When I try to export my Foreclosure Activity list, the Owner Information is not there. How can I export the owner’s name?

The Foreclosure Activity list does not offer the Owner’s Name when exporting.  Consider running a General Query Search instead.  This search allows you to more categories to be exported, including Owner Information.

How can I view the Parcel Numbers when viewing the parcel layer on the Map Search?

If you click the box Labels at the bottom of the map, then choose Parcel ID, it will show the Parcel Numbers of the properties.

When I run a search, my results max out at a 100, and I know there are more.  How can I see more results on a search?

Click on Preferences at the top of the page.  Here you can customize your maximum number of properties to view.  You are allowed a maximum of 1000 properties on your results.  Be sure to click Save Changes at the bottom.

Do I have a preference on how I can change my search options?

Yes, at the top of the page you can click on Preferences to change your search options. Be sure to click on Save Changes at the bottom.

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